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Company objectives
1) Technological and scientific advisory in the area of mineral resources, metallurgy and energy.
2) Industrial know-how provider for the optimization of complex process environments
(mining industry, processing industry, cement industry, oil industry, energy producers, waste to energy plants, etc.). 
3) Strategic consulting and business development for industrial and commercial projects.

Basic content and purpose of the website
Presentation of AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH, Information and associated links on the products, applications and services offered by AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH.

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Business Users who avail themselves of the services offered on our website ( are subject to the AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH. General Terms and Conditions, in the version prevailing at any given time.

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- Neither offers nor investment recommendations: The content of the AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH. website is purely for information purposes and does not represent an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell under either European or foreign capital market law.
Information content, up-to-dateness: AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH. cannot accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness or continuous availability of the information provided.

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The website of AN-COR-TEK C.E. GmbH. has been compiled and is maintained in-house.

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December 2017
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