The main focus of our activity is the operative implementation of the parameters and objectives of the business development-, sales- and marketing strategies we develop with you.


Your success constitutes the center of our attention, according to our motto “Your success is our objective!”


Since the foundation of our company in 1999, we have accompanied our clients from variable industries into new markets, and organized their market development in Austria, several focal countries in Central-Western-, and Eastern Europe, as well as in the Middle East. This enabled us to gather extensive know-how in many industries and top-class networks in the target countries.


Our business is located at the Vienna Airport. From here we are able to optimally reach our target markets in Western-, Central- and Eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East. As a turntable to the East, Vienna offers the most compact air connections to Central and Eastern Europe throughout Europe.


Additionally, Vienna holds the Eastern European headquarters of many international development funding and financing institutions. Consequently, we possess direct access to our most important partners in the areas of co-financing projects and development funds.